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Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources
Fishing clinic at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Educator Trainings

Teacher Workshops are scheduled throughout Colorado to train formal and non-formal educators. Find scheduled workshops on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Calendar.

Project WILD is a focused conservation and environmental education program designed for students in Pre K-12.

Colorado Archery in the Schools Program (CASP) provides training and resources for teachers to start an in-school archery program at their schools.

CPW Teacher Institutes are inter​agency, site-based, outdoor education programs​​ for teachers. The Teaching Environmental Science Naturally (TEN) and Outdoor Understanding for Teachers (OUT) programs utilize curriculum-based guides from Project WILD and other local resources.

River Watch is a statewide volunteer water quality-monitoring program. Learn about the program at the River Watch Web site or by contacting Michaela Taylor at (303) 291-7322.


Additional Resources

  • Wildlife Discovery Pages - Downloadable activity pages of Colorado wildlife species designed for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School students.