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Human Dimensions Research Program
Human Dimensions Research Program

​​​​​Human Dimensions Research Program (HDRP)

​What is Human Dimensions?

The Human Dimensions Research Program (HDRP) conducts social science research in Colorado about a variety of issues affecting state park and wildlife management. The purpose of this is to incorporate social and biophysical data into natural resource policy and decision making processes.

Because humans are an integral part of ecological systems, it is important to understand what drives human behaviors and opinions. As such, the HDRP examines a suite of individual attributes such as: 

  • Beliefs, attitudes, and values
  • Psychological motivations and constraints (barriers)
  • Preferences, expectations and satisfaction
  • Perceptions of risk

We use a variety of tools and techniques to collect social science data including (but not limited to):

  • Social science surveys (mail, online, and intercept)
  • Public comment forms
  • Individual (face-to-face) interviews and group interviews (e.g., focus groups)
If you have questions about previous or on-going research projects or would like to discuss how the HDRP can assist you in learning about social science, stakeholder engagement, etc, please contact:

Mike Quartuch, Ph.D.
Human Dimensions Specialist/Researcher
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: (303) 866-3203 x 4602

Recent or On-going Projects:

2018-2019 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)

Statewide Angler Satisfaction Surveys

State Park Visitor Use and Satisfaction Study (2019-2020)

  • Project overview
  • **Technical report about visitor activity and park management preferences, motivations, etc. coming soon! (Fall, 2020)**

Herd Management Plan Surveys

Chronic Wasting Disease

Existing Conditions, Trends, and Projections in Outdoor Recreation Report