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Mammals Research
Mammals Research

​​Approaches to Field Investigations of Cause-Specific Mortality in Mule Deer

General guidelines for conducting mortality site investigations of cause-specific morality in mule deer.This technical report provides general guidelines for conducting mortality site investigations to help investigators distinguish predation from scavenging and other causes of death. These guidelines will assist investigators in identifying predatory species or scavengers involved through the examination of physical evidence at deer mortality sites.​

Read the full Approaches to Field Investigations of Cause-Specific Mortality in Mule Deer report​.

​​​​​​​​To support the management of Colorado's wildlife resources, the Mammals Research section acquires and produces research information for Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Mammals researchers conduct scientific-based original research that advances the profession's and the agency's collective knowledge about wildlife species, their habitats, and their future management.

The Mammals Research section conducts projects utilizing appropriate scientific experimental designs, techniques and analyses with the goal of providing objective and reliable knowledge. Researchers aim to anticipate the information needed to improve wildlife management in a constantly changing and confining human-dominated landscape. The Mammals Research Section collaborates with other sections of CPW to identify pressing information needs that will improve management of mammal species in Colorado.

The section has a long-standing working relationship with Colorado State University and the United States Department of the Interior's Colorado Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit. In addition, the section collaborates with various universities to enhance student training as future wildlife managers/ecologists.

Over the decades, much of the research conducted by the Mammals Research section was funded by federal aid through wildlife restoration Pittman-Robertson Funds and CPW game cash funds. More recently, funding also includes donations from Great Outdoors Colorado, the private business sector and private individuals though agency-sponsored programs.

The Mammals Research Section strives to maintain the proud tradition of conducting quality, applied research since it's establishment in 1965.