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Avian Research
Avian Research

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The prairie in Colorado is home to a lot of cool wildlife.

This is the story of how Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Avian Research and Wildlife Health Programs teamed up with partners to study and test a new plague vaccine and improve habitat for endangered black-footed ferrets and other wildlife. Avian Researchers have documented the benefits of maintaining active prairie dog colonies for many species such as ferruginous hawks, golden eagles, various grassland songbirds, coyotes, and badgers. For more information, see the Avian Response to Plague Management Research page.



​​The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Avian Research Section conducts original research on the ecology and management of birds and their habitats. ​Emphasis is on addressing information needs for bird species of high management priority in the state of Colorado. 

The program seeks to: 

  • Acquire new knowledge on bird ecology

  • Develop and assess bird-monitoring efforts

  • Develop and evaluate bird conservation programs in Colorado​​

Avian Researchers work to: 

  • Synthesize existing information

  • Produce new information/knowledge

  • Interpret information

  • Facilitate integrating information into agency programs and decisions that affect hunted, non-hunted, and threatened and endangered birds

The program routinely contributes original articles to the peer-reviewed ecological and wildlife science literature. Avian Research personnel also serve on various committees and working groups with other partners (state, federal, and local governments, and non-governmental organizations) in bird research and conservation.

​​Bird Conservation in Colorado

​2018: Year of the Bird Sandhill Crane in flight.

This year marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act​, the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed. In honor of this milestone, nature lovers around the world are joining forces to celebrate 2018 as the "Year of the Bird."

CPW is committed to the conservation of birds and their native habitats. Ensuring the success of migratory birds is an integral part of CPW's mission to protect the wildlife resources of Colorado for current and future generations. 

Read more about CPW's Year of the Bird highlight​s and how the agency is participating in conservation efforts for migratory birds.​