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Hunter Outreach Program
Hunter Outreach Program

​What We Do:​

The Hunter Outreach Program seeks out people with non-hunting backgrounds. We offer clinics, seminars, advice, and educational hunts for novice hunters of all ages. Our educational programs appeal to diverse interests and levels of ability. We can help you make the most of your hunting pursuits, or help take you through the first steps towards becoming a part of our hunting community.​


Mentore​d Hunts​

Youth Hunter Outreach Program

Youth Hunter Outreach

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Rookie Sportsman Program

Rookie Sportsman

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Educational Opportunities

Turkey School

Turkey School

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Hunter Outreach Educational Videos

Educational Videos

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Mentor, Sponsor, and Additional Resources

Two bow hunters in camo walking in the forest

Take a Friend Hunting

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Youth Hunting Additional Information

Youth Hunting on State Wildlife Areas

Youth Hunting on SWAs

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Youth Hunting on State Trust Lands

Youth Hunting on STLs

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