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Shiras Moose
Shiras Moose

Bull moose in summer​​​​Overview​

Weighing up to 1,000 pounds and towering at more than six feet at the shoulder, the Shiras moose is Colorado's largest big game animal. In addition to its massive size, the moose is also one of Colorado's biggest conservation success stories.

Why Are Shiras Moose Important?

Our work with moose is unique and important in that we were able to expand the range of the species by transplanting them to Colorado from other states. The effort allowed the moose more habitat options, and it enhances wildlife viewing experiences for Coloradans and visitors. ​

What Is CPW Doing?

In 1978, CPW conducted the first transplant of 24 moose from Utah and Wyoming to Colorado's North Park region near Walden. Over the next three decades, biologists released more than 200 additional animals from Wyoming and Utah to the Grand Mesa and other areas of the state. 

Today, Colorado is home to more than 3,000 moose and boasts one of the fastest growing populations in the lower 48 states. In fact, the animals are doing so well that moose are vamoosing the mountain parks where they were originally introduced and expanding into new territories within the state.

​​How Can You Help?

Although a favorite viewing animal among Colorado residents and tourists alike, moose are extremely unpredictable and dangerous if disturbed. Moose will charge aggressively when they feel threatened, so learning how to show these animals respect is an important skill to learn. 

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