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Snowmobile Registration
Snowmobile Registration

Notice: OHV Registrations

Colorado Parks and Wildlife visitor centers, service centers and CPW offices are open, while following COVID-19 guidance from CDPHE and the CDC.

  • All customers are required to wear non-medical face coverings while visiting our offices, visitor centers and other public indoor spaces per Governor Polis' Executive Order D 2020-138

  • Front desk areas and staffed drive-up windows are open to customers with social distancing and safety at the forefront.

  • Individual location hours may vary, so please call for hours before visiting your nearest office or park. Restrictions and closures remain subject to change.

  • For customers planning to purchase CPW products, including licenses, park passes or vehicle registrations can visit or call 800.244.5613.

If you are having trouble renewing your OHV registration online, please visit the main page and see the online registration renewal instructions.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Snowmobiles that are operated on public land or trails in Colorado must be registered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.​​​

​​​​​​​​​Registration, registration renewals and nonresident snowmobile permits are required annually and are valid from October 1 through September 30 each year.

Registration renewal cards are mailed to currently registered owners each August. Registrations and registration renewals can be done 45 days prior to the registration expiration date (Sept. 30). 

Who must register:

Who must purchase a permit:

Non-residents are required to purchase a permit regardless of whether or not they choose to register. 


How to Register

To register your Snowmobile in your name for the first time, complete the Snowmobile Registration Form and return it, along with your proof of ownership,​ to:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Registration Unit
13787 South Highway 85
Littleton, CO 80125

You may also register your snowmobile at various dealers or many Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices. ​Please call the Registration Unit at 303-297-1192 for a list of agent locations near you. 

Title is required for all power sports vehicle dealers and auctioneer sales. Snowmobile titling is optional for private party to private party sales.​ For titling information, see Titling Off Road Vehicles SB13-280 on the Department of Revenue website​. ​

Registration Fees

The annual registration fee is $30.25. Registrations are valid Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 each year. This is a flat administrative transaction fee – it cannot be prorated for a partial year's registration, and will not be subject to refund if the machine is sold or stolen.

Registration Renewals

Renew Your Registration Online

Online registration renewal for vehicles and vessels is now available to people who already have their vehicle registrations added to their accounts.

Verify you can renew your registration online by following the instructions on the Registrations page.

Registration renewal cards are mailed to currently registered owners each August. Registrations are valid October 1 through September 30 each year. You may also renew your registration online by going to the link on the back of the registration card. You MUST have your registration number to renew online or please call 303-297-1192 to get your information.​​​

Purchasing a Snowmobile

Dealers are required by law to complete the registration application for you and collect the registration fee before the machine leaves their premises. The dealer will forward the application form to our office, where we will process the request. 

If purchasing a snowmobile from a private party, have the seller provide you with a Bill of Sale to serve as your proof of ownership. An acceptable bill of sale includes:

  • both the seller and buyer’s printed names and signatures, 
  • the vehicle identification number (if any), 
  • the vehicle make, model and year (if known) and 
  • the date of the sale. 

An acceptable private party to private party Bill of Sale template​ can be downloaded here for your use. When you purchase a snowmobile from a private party, you may use your Bill of Sale as a temporary registration for 30 days. The Bill of Sale must be carried on the snowmobile while riding until the registration decals and card get to you in the mail.

Sorry, at this time, on-line registration for a newly purchased snowmobile is not available. 

Out-of-state Snowmobiles

Out-of-state residents who bring snowmobiles into Colorado must purchase a Colorado Non-Resident Snowmobile permit which is valid from the date of purchase through the following September 30. These permits can be purchased online from October 1 through April 15. Please allow 14 days for your order to arrive in the mail. Once purchased, this sticker should be placed on the machine's outside face of the right front part of the cowling. Since this is only a use permit, no renewal notice will be sent to non-resident permit holders. You must purchase a new permit each year you come to Colorado with your Snowmobile.

Decal Placement

Registration decals must be affixed permanently on each side of the upper half of the cowlin​g in a location where the decal can be easily seen. Snowmobile operators must carry their registration card and show it to any peace officer on request.