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Annual Pass Information
Annual Pass Information

Annual Pass Accommodations

As of Monday March 23, our Licensing vendor is experiencing significant delays in fulfillment of CPW products due to “shelter in place” orders related to COVID-19. This means they are currently backlogged in printing and mailing licenses, passes or other CPW products. 

  • In response to these delays, we will be allowing customers to use a TAN (Temporary Authorization Number) for proof of privilege for most of our products at this time. This includes annual passes and more. We have also temporarily extended the timeframe for which a TAN is valid from 14 days to 45 days.

For MORE information on Parks and the most up to date information on how CPW is responding to COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 Response page.

Family Annual Parks Pass - $120

Family Annual Parks passes are associated with the pass purchaser's household address. Anyone from the same household as the person that purchased the pass may use the pass. The pass may be transferred between vehicles, as long as a resident of the purchaser's address is present.

Family Annual passes are available for purchase:

If you purchase your family annual pass online or at license agents, you can pick up your hang tag on your first park visit. The clear, recyclable hangtags are available at all 41 state parks and all CPW offices. 

Only one lost or stolen replacement transferable pass will be offered annually for $60, or 50% of the full pass price.  

Annual Affixed Vehicle Parks Pass - $80 per vehicle

​Annual passes are valid for a 12 month period​. They provide unlimited access to all Colorado State Parks during that time. Do you have more than one vehicle? Additional vehicle passes (multiple) are purchased separately and are valid the same dates as the primary Annual Park Pass. 

Passes are available for purchase:  

Note: When purchasing an Annual Affixed Vehicle Parks Pass, you must provide your vehicle license plate number. If you have a temporary license plate, you must provide the last six digits of your Vehicle Identification Number​ (VIN).

Annual Multiple Pass - $40 for each additional affixed vehicle pass

Customers with an Annual Affixed Vehicle Pass or a Family Annual Pass may purchase a Multiple Pass for additional vehicles registered in the same name or registered to an immediate family member (spouse or child) living at the same address, please provide 

  1. Proof of registration with registration address​​​ on all vehicles and 
  2. Proof of first Annual Pass purchased or receipt of original. 

All multiple passes are affixed passes.​ Multiple Passes are valid for the same dates as the primary Annual Parks Pass. Multiple passes are not available online. Obtain your multiple pass at any State Park or Colorado Parks and Wildlife office or any Authorized Sales Agent​

Annual Replacement Pass - $5 ($60 for Family Annual Pass)

If your pass is lost or damaged, most replacement passes are $5; a replacement Family Annual Parks Pass is $60. You will be required to provide destroyed pass or show receipt from the original Annual Pass and sign an affidavit. Replacement passes are valid the same dates as the pass being replaced. Replacement passes are not available online, but can be purchased at any State Park or CPW office.

To learn more about all Colorado State Parks entrance passes, please visit the Parks Pass page.