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Stocking Report
Stocking Report

​​​​​​​​The list below identifies where catchable trout (approximately 10") were recently stocked.  

​Stocking Report upgrades: This week, and for the foreseeable future, we will be linking as many fishing locations as possible from the stocking report to our Colorado Fishing Atlas. Just click on the water name to get a map to the water and other helpful information.​

Note: The stocking report is updated each Tuesday morning during the fishing season and lists waters that were stocked throughout the previous week. 

To find out when a water was stocked, search by typing in the name of the water.

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Body of WaterRegionReport Date
​Evergreen LakeNortheast Region4/29/2014
Georgetown Lake​Northeast Region4/29/2014
​Dowdy LakeNortheast Region4/22/2014
​West LakeNortheast Region4/22/2014
​Blue River (Section 2)Northeast Region4/22/2014
​Casey PondNortheast Region4/22/2014
​Christine LakeNortheast Region4/22/2014
Fetcher City PondNortheast Region4/22/2014
​Gypsum PondsNortheast Region4/22/2014
​Mack Mesa LakeNortheast Region4/22/2014
​Beckwith ReservoirSoutheast Region4/22/2014
​Brush Hollow ReservoirSoutheast Region4/22/2014
​​​​Crystal Creek ReservoirSoutheast Region4/22/2014
​Green Mountain Falls LakeSoutheast Region4/22/2014
Billy Creek LakeSouthwest Region4/22/2014
​Catamount ReservoirSouthwest Region4/22/2014
​Joe Moore ReservoirSouthwest Region4/22/2014
​McPhee ReservoirSouthwest Region4/22/2014
​Mountain Home ReservoirSouthwest Region4/22/2014
​Rainbow ReservoirSouthwest Region4/22/2014
​Ridgway ReservoirSouthwest Region4/22/2014
Little Hohnholz Lake #2Northeast Region4/29/2014
​Granby City PondNorthwest Region4/29/2014
​Kenney ReservoirNorthwest Region4/29/2014
​Rangely Fishing PondNorthwest Region4/29/2014
Shadow Mountain ReservoirNorthwest Region4/29/2014
Ridgway ReservoirSouthwest Region4/29/2014
​​Kriley PondMetro Denver5/5/2014
​Slough PondMetro Denver5/5/2014
Georgetown Lake​Northeast Region5/5/2014
​Craig City PondsNorthwest Region5/5/2014
​Craig Justice Center PondNorthwest Region5/5/2014
Harvey Gap ReservoirNorthwest Region5/5/2014
​Highline LakeNorthwest Region5/5/2014
Juniata ReservoirNorthwest Region5/5/2014
Ligon ReservoirNorthwest Region5/5/2014
​Sylvan LakeNorthwest Region5/5/2014
​Wilmor PondNorthwest Region5/5/2014
Daigre ReservoirSoutheast Region5/5/2014
​Parachute Pond Northwest Region5/5/2014
​Wahatoya ReservoirSoutheast Region5/5/2014
​Home LakeSouthwest Region5/5/2014
​Island LakeSouthwest Region5/5/2014