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Kiowa Creek Ranch
Kiowa Creek Ranch
‚Äč‚ÄčNote:  Ranch was formerly named Bijou Springs

County: Elbert, El Paso, Douglas
GMU: 104, 105, 110

Ranch Contact:

Nearest CPW Office
Bridger PetriniColorado Springs Office
Tri-State Outfitters, LLC.4255 Sinton Rd
P.O. Box 70Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Raton, NM 87740719-227-5200 (office);
575-445-0200 (office)719-227-5297 (fax)

Location: : Kiowa Creek Ranch is located approximately 8 miles SE of Elbert. Elbert is located approximately 35 miles NE of Colorado Springs.

Acres: 66,782

CPW Maps:
Kiowa Creek East map 
Kiowa Creek West map 

Area Maps: USGS Quads: Fondis, Bijou Basin, Calhan, Peyton

National Forest: None

BLM: Limon

Species Available: Elk, Deer, Pronghorn

Terrain and Access: Elevations vary from 6,300 to 7,100 ft. The ranch is located on the eastern end of the Palmer Divide in a large basin of grasslands surrounded by Ponderosa Pine covered granite ridges. Ranch roads provide adequate access to main parts of the ranch. These roads can become muddy during wet weather. Hunters should be equipped with 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Average Success Rates: Please see Participating Ranches.

Check the Ranching for Wildlife main page for season dates.

There are no antler-point restrictions for any of the ranches. No over-the-counter licenses are offered on these properties. Ranching for Wildlife licenses are open to Colorado residents only. Licenses are only for the season and ranch on the license. For more information on season dates and application deadlines, see the Big Game Hunting Brochure.

Ranch rules from previous seasons are provided for a general perspective.  Ranch rules are negotiated annually and some rule changes may take affect this year.

Kiowa Creek RANCH
Ranch Hunting Rules

Any violation of these rules or of Colorado State Statutes or Regulations will mean revocation of hunting privileges on the property for the hunter.

  1. Maps will be sent to successful applicants, the maps show approximate ranch boundaries, areas of the ranch open and closed to hunting and for directions to the ranch. Please note that the maps are basic outlines of the ranch. Refer to actual signs at the ranch to locate boundaries.

  2. All hunters must check in daily with the hunt supervisor at the West Main Gate-"Kiowa Creek Ranch" entrance before hunting and check out daily when leaving the property, unless accompanied by an authorized guide. Hunters will not be allowed to walk onto the property from public roads of adjoining properties.

  3. All hunters are accompanied by a guide for the majority of the hunting time.  Guides are provided free of charge, to assist hunters with access to the properties, location of animals, and other duties as may be necessary.

  4. No camping on the ranch is permitted, however, overnight camping is available in the town of Calhan on Highway 24 east of Peyton. For further information, contact the Division of Wildlife in Colorado Springs.

  5. No fires are permitted on the ranch property.

  6. All vehicles must stay on designated roads. No motorcycles, ATV vehicles, or snowmobiles will be allowed on the property.

  7. A maximum of one non-hunter per authorized, licensed hunter will be allowed to accompany the hunter on the property. Only authorized, licensed hunters may bear arms.

  8. The maximum speed limit on all ranch roads is 15 mph.

  9. All hunting will be done on foot. No firing from vehicles. No hunting from horseback will be allowed.

  10. Hunting of small game or birds is not allowed except under the guidance of authorized outfitters and by special permission.

  11. Fishing is not permitted except by special permission.

  12. Livestock concentration areas within the ranch are closed to hunting. Areas around the ranch residences are also closed. Most of these areas are marked on the map but some may only be posted, without being listed on the map.

  13. Please be aware that extreme caution should be used to put out all cigarettes, cigar butts, pipe ashes and matches. The ground may be dry and catastrophic prairie fires are easily started. In case of emergency please report any fire immediately at the main ranch headquarters or by calling phone numbers that will be provided to successful applicants.

  14. Gates to the ranch are kept locked. You will need to call the RFW ranch manager at the phone number provided to successful applicants to make reservations for your arrival time to guarantee that your ranch escort is available and waiting to let you in.

  15. No drinking of alcoholic beverages will be permitted on the ranch during hunting hours. 

General Information:

The home ranch of Kiowa Creek is located on the El Paso-Elbert County line north of Peyton. However, the ranch also includes the Greenland Ranch unit just south of Castle Rock, and most elk hunting occurs on the Greenland Ranch unit or nearby Kiowa Creek holdings. Elk are only occasionally found on the home ranch.

Motels are located in Colorado Springs or Castle Rock. There is no public camping in the area.