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Fishing Report
Fishing Report

"Quick Tip" — Bait Fishing Basics

CPW evaluating kokanee salmon at Blue Mesa Reservoir

Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists are keeping a close eye on the fishery at Blue Mesa Reservoir and continue work to rebuild the kokanee salmon population. CPW made the annual release of about 3 million fingerling kokanee from the Roaring Judy Hatchery April 2. Those fish that reach maturity will return to spawn in two to five years. Predation of kokanee by lake trout continues to be a major concern for CPW. To encourage harvest of lake trout, CPW regulations allow anglers to keep all of the fish caught that are under 38 inches; anglers can keep one fish over 38 inches. "Managing the fishery in Blue Mesa is a challenging task because of a variety of factors, said Dan Brauch, aquatic biologist in Gunnison."CPW is working to restore a balance in the fishery."​​

Bait Fishing Basics

Fishing with bait is one of the most productive methods for catching fish. It's also one of the most popular. According to surveys conducted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, nearly half of the state's anglers fish with bait. In this "Quick Tips" video​, you will learn how to set up a slip-sinker rig for bottom fishing with worms and Powerbait, and how to suspend bait off the bottom using a bobber.

How to find/catch Trout, Bass, Walleye, and Pike

  1. Trout- With varying conditions of water levels look for sections in a river that have deeper holes when the flows are high. Trout congregate in these areas to post up and wait for forage.

  2. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass- Throw baits with slow suddle presentations like a jig and craw trailer. The key is to use a crawfish trailer that has minimal action to get the attention of sluggish bass.

  3. Walleye- Look for areas that have stream inlets. Walleye will stage themselves next to a constant shallow water food source and the best place to be is an area that has flows that keep pushing forage at the fish like a conveyor belt.

  4. Northern Pike- Flashy presentations like large spoons on sunny days get them active and can get aggressive strikes.

Anglers roundtable scheduled for Delta, Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to hear what anglers in the Delta and Montrose area think of fishing opportunities and regulations at a public meeting, 6:30-8:30 p.m., April 23, at the Bill Heddels Recreation Center, 530 Gunnison River Drive in Delta. Eric Gardunio, aquatic biologist for the Montrose area, will discuss and receive angler input on management activities and potential regulation changes at Crawford Reservoir. Additionally, anglers are encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions about their favorite fishing spots in Montrose and Delta County. 

Fishing ​​Atlas

Fishing AtlasThe Fishing Atlas provides a host of information, including driving directions, stocking details, and locations of the nearest license retailer. To view the Colorado Fishing Atlas, click here, and the atlas will open in a separate window. Once the atlas is open, you can zoom in or out, or click on the location to display detailed information. Feel free to play around with the options on the far left of the atlas for other types of information and displays. Any questions or feedback are greatly appreciated. Contact us at Thanks, from the fishing report crew.​