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Test-Out Options
Test-Out Options

Note: This option only applies to individuals born on or after 1/1/1949 ​who do not have a hunter education card from Colorado or some other state and are either US Military Personnel or 50 years of age or older. Please read through the test details below to learn more and make sure you qualify.​​​

Who Can Test-Out

Military Personnel and Hunters aged 50 and older.

General Test-Out Requirements

  • Cost of test is $24.50.

  • ​​Have/create a customer identification number.​​

  • Must pass with a 90% or better.

  • The test is a 30 minute timed test.

  • Test may only be taken once. If failed, must attend a hunter education class or use the one time Apprentice Hunter Certificate​.

  • Test is online only and must be completed in one internet session.   

US Military Personnel

  • Defined as Active duty, Reserve duty, Veterans, and National Guard.

    The following forms of US military personnel identification are accepted:

    1. DD214
    2. DD Form 2
    3. DD Form 2765
    4. Active, retired, veteran military identification card with the word "veteran" printed on it as specified in 42-2-303(5)(a) C.R.S.
    5. VA medical card

  • Must print off certificate of completion and bring to any CPW office along with their military identification. Military identification can only be approved in person, and no copies, faxes, emails, etc. will be accepted.​

Hunters 50 and Older

  • Available to resident or non-resident hunters.

  • Upon passing test, hunters must wait up to 24 hours to allow for their test information to be updated from the vendor to the CPW CID system before purchasing a license.​
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