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In Colorado, our game wardens are called "District Wildlife Managers". In this video, prospective DWM Brianna Fett interviews her mother Beverly about what it was like to be a District Wildlife Manager when she worked for CPW in the 70's. It turns out, not much has changed in this fast-paced outdoors career. Learn more about becoming a District Wildlife Manager.

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Join CPW's Youth Internship Program (YIP)

The purpose of the GOCO funded CPW Youth Inte​​rnship Program (YIP) is to employ the next generation of natural resource professionals within CPW.  CPW Youth Interns attend additional trainings that enhance their knowledge of CPW, the many facets of the agency and its mission. Learn more!​

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Natural Resources Career Guide - Natural resource professionals have some of the most challenging and important jobs of any profession. The resources we have on this Earth sustain everything else and must be managed for multiple uses and multiple interests. In Colorado and across the United States, hundr​​eds of thousands of professionals are working to manage our natural resources to protect public health, mitigate disasters and meet the demands of growing populations for water, food, recreation, and energy supplies. ​​Find tips on where to start your job search, advice on being a successful applicant and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the online application processes.​


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